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Pond & Lake has become one of the leading fountain manufacturing and installation companies in the Greater Cincinnati area (Ohio). With installations throughout the United States and Canada. Our installations are enjoyed by individuals, communities and businesses alike.

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Whether you are looking for a fountain for your pond, lake or an architectural feature,

Pond & Lake Inc. can help you create your very own
"Personal Oasis".

Torpedo Pump Special

Features & Benefits:

  • High flow for biofilters and waterfalls
  • Over 1500, 4000, 7500 and 10000 GPH at 1' of lift
  • Cap start motor for low energy consumption
  • Water cooled for environmental safety
  • 20' power cord for convenience
  • Non-corrosive construction for longevity
  • Large intake & discharge for better flow
  • Use in or out of water
  • Convenient handle for easy installation & service

Cal Torpedo Pumps

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Mini / Midi Pond Fountains
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Animated Fountains

Pond and Lake Inc. will be happy to assist you in designing that "One of a Kind" fountain complete with animated lights and water. Using the latest technology we can make your fountain dance to music!. Or visit our Design Guide to avoid common design mistakes.

Project Gallery

The Local Holiday Inn gets a facelift with the new addition of the landscaped water garden and waterfall.

How to Build a Low Maintenance
Water Garden

PondLESS Water Feature

Complete with vases and submersible pumping system this "pondless" water feature utilizes a pump vault. The pump vault makes for easy maintenance and instillation. The fountain project can typically be completed in a day.

"Homearama 2008"

embedded into the front walk is a "sandstone" colored fiberglass pond complete with dual spray rings with comet nozzle , submersible pump, automatic fill system and drain. This water feature will provide years of trouble free enjoyment.

Floating Pond Fountains

The "Lilly Nozzle" (left) produces a beautiful full fan and multiple streams arching from the center.

  • Virtually maintenance free operation.
  • Spray patterns can be adjusted to maximize performance.
  • Stainless steel motor ensures long life and maximum efficiency.
  • UL listing ensures that maximum safety precautions have been designed into the unit for years of worry free operation.
  • Lights can be added to any configuration
  • All Select Series Fountains/Aerators come with a 5-year manufacturer parts warranty.

"Air-Max" with Fleur-di-Lis Nozzle

The "Air-Max" pond fountain / aerator is very efficient at turning you pond over. Helping to eliminate the thermal stratification which occurs naturally in you pond. The "Fleur-di-Lis" nozzle pictured here is one of many patterns available.

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Pond Aerator "Air-Max Standard 90"

The 6ft high by 45ft diameter pattern of the 1/2HP Air-Max will not only cover a large surface area, but will break the water up into smaller droplets giving it time to release toxic gases.

more on the Air-Max advantages.

Architectural Fountains

Springfield, Ohio

The frothy nozzles accent the granite center piece and provide a relaxing environment for loved ones. The pool is ten feet by ten feet square and is modular construction,
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Montreal Canada

12 foot diameter Modular Fiberglass Pond with 15 aerator nozzles. Three one horsepower pumps, and ten 500 watt 120 volt lights.

Westchester, Ohio

This is one of three fountains which were located at the "Voice of America" shopping center. There are two fountains as pictured and a special "Veterans Memorial" fountain.

Indian Hill, Ohio

Fiberglass pond with dual spray rings.
Complete with pumps and lights.

Homearama 2005 - Mason, Ohio

A fiberglass pond with a reinforced fiberglass pedestal, which supports the weight of the center piece. Finished off with a single spray ring.

Pond and Lake Inc. has been servicing and installing pond fountains and architectural fountains for commercial projects and residential customers since 1994. Pond and Lake is based in Cincinnati Ohio, but services a large geographic area. If you need a professional installation company for your fountain project, Pond and Lake Inc. will be happy to assist you. If you are an individual looking for design help, we are here to help you. Even if you are a Do-it-Yourselfer looking for the right components to make your fountain project successful. Pond and Lake can provide you with all of the proper components. Floating Pond Fountains, Pond Aerators, Fiberglass ponds, Pumps, Lights, Underwater Electrical components, Drains, Fills, Spray Rings, Nozzles and Manifolds. Then provide you with all of the information you need to properly install the fountain project yourself.
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