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OASE UWS T111 & TS111

The spotlights have been designed for extra robust applications and public installations. Underwater they illuminate fountains and water features. When used out of the water they illuminates sculptures, buildings and landscaping.

The Halogen bulbs are protected by a 1/2" thick shatterproof lens that is attached to the housing with screw fasteners.

The UWS TS 111 spotlight can be turned in all directions while the beam is focused 12.5 degrees off of vertical. Two clamp rings enable precise alignment on site.

Product characteristics at a glance:

  • High quality tombac and stainless steel spotlight
  • Safety glass cover
  • Flat surface for easy cleaning
  • Extremely corrosion resistant
  • Suitable for WET and DRY applications


T 111

TS 111

  Light Power - watts
up to 100 watts
up to 100 watts
  Operating Voltage
12 VDC
12 VDC
  Beam Angle
Varies with bulb
Varies with bulb
  Bulb Type (not included)
  Connection Inlets
9.5" X 9.5" X 9.1"
9.5" X 9.5" X X 9.1"
  Construction Material
Stainless Steel / Tobac
Stainless Steel / Tombac
8.8 lb.
24.3 lb
Part Number

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