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Pond and Lake sells and services all floating fountains that are made by the major manufacturers. OASE, Lake Fountains, Otterbine, Kasco, Custom Fountains Inc. If they can make, we can fix it!

If you are looking for a new pond or lake fountain, WE can help!
If you are looking to repair your pond fountain We can help!
If you are looking for replacement parts. We can help!

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Pond Fountain Special !!

pond fountain

Complete with pump, float, command center, nozzle, 10ft power cord with quick disconnect.


Call us to day at 513-678-3798 to discuss you order. Price DOES NOT include power cable which is required for proper installation and operation.
For nozzle selection see photos and visit the links below
(Vulcan Nozzle not included in this special)

OASE Pond Fountains

Strata-vator Spray patterns available
Arch -Fog Jet - Grand Geyser - Heavy Water Sky Cascade - Narrow Trumpet
Sky Cascade
- Trumpet Geyser - Trumpet Jet - Trumpet - Wide Trumpet - Vulcan

sky cascade

OASE Floating units available from 1/2 HP up to 15 HP. With many spray patterns available we have a floating fountain that will fit your needs.

Looking for a HIGH flow floating fountain?

We have many models available with flow rates up to 700 Gallons per Minute!

Custom Fountains

Professional Series: "Flat bottom design" "Jet Wash Light cleaning system" "Easy Installation"
Aerator NozzlesCluster NozzlesWater Castle Nozzle FlareJet Nozzles
Dual Spray RingsSpary Ring with Center NozzleDual Spray Ring with Center Nozzle
Special Designs

Lake Fountains Inc.

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