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Before we arrived on the job site, the footers and some of the crypts were already in place. The area where the fountain was to be installed was prepared with compacted crushed limestone.

The electrical conduit is prepared for installation into the fiberglass pool. The conduit is terminated at grade, then the proper penetration is installed onto the conduit. The penetration is secured to the fiberglass pool for leak free operation. Once completed the electrical junction box is installed.

Fountain components are installed into the pool.

Here the fountain is nearly complete. All of the components are in place, and their electrical connections have been tested. The electrical junction box has been sealed with potting compound, and the pool has been cleaned and filled with water.
Once the power has been turned on the fountain comes to life. After some adjustments to the control valves, the nozzles are all spraying at the proper height. The lights provide night time enjoyment.
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