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Pond fountains and aeration systems are designed to operate 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year. Older ponds without a pond fountain can have excessive amounts of decaying organic material which release toxic gases accumlate in the colder deeper water. These gases are detrimental to the health of your pond and fish by depleting the oxygen level in the water. These gases also produce an environment that is oxygen starved. This is the type of water that insects and algae thrive in. These gases can also be a problem during the winter months as your pond freezes over the gases become trapped under the ice, therefore starving the water of oxygen. A pond fountain that operates all year long is your best defense against these problems.
Effective pond aeration is not a factor of how many gallons per hour that are moved, but rather how the movement effects the total volume of your pond. Some pond fountains fail to be effective by only churning water on the surface, and they can be extremely noisy. In comparison, some pond fountains intake are located deep below the surface, which provides quiet operation, and aids in the break up of thermal stratification in your pond. This increased circulation helps release the toxic gases, while increasing the oxygen level in the water.

The illistration above depicts how the "Air-Max" pond fountain provides a large area of circulation and circulates the entire pond including the deeper colder water of your pond. This is desireable in most ponds and helps to eliminate thermal stratiication (warmer water on the surface and colder water below).

The pond fountain pictured above would be depictive of an OASE trumpet jet or trumpet geyser fountain. This type of pond fountain is effective at circulating the top six or seven feet of your ponds depth while leaving the lower portion of the pond cooler. This is ciritcal for some types of fish that like cooler water.

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