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Air-Max/S Aspirating pond aerator
Subsurface Aerator
Pictured above is the same Air-Max floating pond fountain, but the above surface fountain nozzle has been removed and the Sub-Surface aeration nozzle has been installed. This conversion can be completed while the fountain is in the water, from the back of your boat. Estimated time of the conversion is 15 to 20 minutes. The underwater aspirator nozzle is great for providing superior pond aeration in summer or winter. In winter the pump draws the deeper "warmer" water from the bottom which aids in keeping an opening in ice (during freezing conditions).

Year Round Operation - SUMMER / WINTER

Aerator Nozzle
Dual Aspirator


Air from the surface is mixed with deep pond water to generate plumes of aerated water, combining the two desirable effects,

Aeration & Circulation


Stainless Steel pump and motor assembly

The Air-Max/S is designed for locations where aeration and circulation are desirable, but a water pattern above the surface is not. The balanced discharge jets simplify anchoring and help to maintain an ice free area in winter. The unit accepts a variety of interchangeable Air-Max nozzles for a quick conversion to above surface operation. This allows seasonal changes for aesthetic or evaporation needs.

Dual / Air-Max™ - Fountain and Aspirating pond fountain
Dual aerator

Horizontal unit

Pictured above is a dual Air-Max™ with horizontally mounted pump and motor. This provides both above water spray, and sub surface nozzles.

The Dual Air-Max™ provides a complete solution for those who are concerned with sub-surface aeration and fountain effect. The unit comes with control valves, which allows you to regulate the two different nozzles to the desired height or aeration. The Dual Air-Max™ is available in both vertical and horizontal configurations. With the optional horizontal mounting the unit can be operated in as little as 30" of water. As with all of the Air-Max units it comes with a Franklin stainless steel motor and stainless steel pump end for long life.

The Dual Air-Max™ is a great addition to your pond or lake in the winter months. You can valve off the fountain nozzle and continue to provide circulation and aeration for your pond. This can keep an opening in the ice for dissipation of toxic gasses. While moving water freezes at a lower temperature, if it’s cold enough, long enough, your pond could still freeze over. The Air-Max™ with its rugged fiberglass float body can remain in the pond under icing conditions.

The Air-Max™ Advantage

The Air-Max™ is a complete fountain system with features developed from over two decades of practical experience with fountain and aerator designs as well as manufacturing, installation and service. Built from quality components, the Air-Max™ is competitively priced with other manufacturers products that have little to none of its design advantages.

Below is a comparison chart of the Air-Max™ versus most of our competitors

Submerged pump allows for Winter Operation
Ice may destroy surface propellers and motor shafts, voiding warranty.
Helps break down thermal stratification and draws oxygenated water to deeper depths.
Only helps upper layers of surface water.
Low profile floating natural forest green color.
Float body may be obtrusive, whit's, blue or black.
Can Circulate water from over 15 feet deep.
Provides aeration for surface water only.
Quiet operation suited for homes or golf courses.
Surface propellers are loud (over 65 decibels)
Interchangeable threaded nozzles
Most offer only one nozzle configuration or have bolt on nozzles.
Converts from above surface to sub-surface aeration with Air-Max/S™ manifold
Must purchase separate unit.
Major sections weigh under 30 pounds, making for a one person installation.
Typically requires two people to install or remove.
Fish and plant friendly, no oil filled motors
Most use oil filled units.
Float body is rugged foam filled fiberglass.
Float body can be styrofoam (readily picked apart by ducks) or air filled (sinks if punctured)
Made in the USA
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